Terms and Agreements

- Everworld is not legally responsible for the actions of any of its players.

- Everworld does not assume responsibility for anyone under 18 that joins the site.

- Any and all parties that join agree to being 18 and take account for all their actions.

- The bearer of the account is held fully responsible for any and all laws he/she breaks, not the site or site owner.

- You take full responsibility and liability of your actions and supplimentation of information whether true or not.

- Everworld isnt held responsibile if a minor joins under a false 18 or older birthday. The minor or minor's parents take full responisibility for any and all laws broken or actions made by the account holder in any case where authority is notified.

- Everworld isnt legally bound to anything other than internet site laws for sites/games/or social platforms (i.e. Second Life) that have the same or similar theme or themes allowed.

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