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Memorial Day Contest
TC Staff2019-05-24 11:00:31
Yesterday was a great day! We loved seeing all the conversation in the town. It has been a passion of the owners of Everworld to make a home for the story crafters just like you! This weekend (in the United States) is Memorial Day weekend. This is where we honor our fallen military (though many people confuse it for Veteran's Day (where we honor our current and former LIVING military members).


5/24/19-5/28/19 Submissions must be sent in by midnight E.S.T of 5/28/2019. Please petition your submissions in by petition with the subject of Memorial Day Contest.

Write a short story about a fallen military hero who has touched your life. This can be a RL person, or one that is related to a character you RP.

1st Prize-Name and Title Colors
2nd Prize-Rainbow Abilities (Or other donator item(s) of equal value e.g. two donator jewelry).
3rd Prize-Donator Jewelry
Participation (Anyone that participates)- Special Bio Icon

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Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.
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